Our dogs
Arctic Husky Farm is a home to a pack of about 210 dogs. All of our dogs are sled dogs that love running and pulling a sled. Most of our dogs are Alaskan Huskies, which is not registered in any country. The breeding has started from Siberian Husky, which was cross-bred with a number of other breeds such as hounds and greyhounds. The result is an optimal sled dog that is both rapid and sustainable and has a good health. The appearance is unimportant – dogs can be all kinds from medium-sized to large, from short-haired to long-haired, from floppy-eared to pointy-eared and from brown-eyed to blue-eyed. In addition to the Alaskan Huskies, about a dozen Siberian Huskies also lives on the Farm. Good sled dogs have enthusiasm in pulling a sled, they are easy to maneuver, they are friendly and they get along with people.
We arrange dog-sled safaris in the Pyhä-Luosto area, all kinds from a one-kilometer spurt to an over-night adventure. Before each safari our guides give customers detailed instructions on driving the sled, after which it is easy to enjoy a guided safari. The team of six dogs can easily pull two people – one drives and the other one sits in the sled. It is also possible to change drivers during the stop.
This is how a year of a sled dog is passing
In the fall (from September to November), as a temperature get lower, we start to train the dogs for the coming season. A team of 16-18 dogs pulls an all-terrain vehicle for a distance of four kilometers at first, and as the dogs’ condition gets better, the distance is extended to 20–30 kilometers. After snowfall dogs also are trained to pull a sled, which they pull significantly faster. The dogs get training two to three times a week. Also young dogs, about one-year-olds, are taken to the teams. They are paired with experienced and calm veterans with whom they get to know what it is to be a sled dog.
At the end of November, the first customers arrive and safaris begin, if the weather allows it. A safari season continues for as long as we have snow and customers, usually until the end of April. For the most part, the dogs pull a sled every day, but they always have one or two days off every week. Younger dogs that run their first season have shorter safaris and more days off.
The dogs’ summer vacation starts in May and lasts for four months. During this time, the dogs can rest after the season and just enjoy the sun. They have the opportunity to run freely and play in the kennel on a daily basis. The rest of their time they sleep and eat. From the beginning of June the kennel is open for visitors on weekdays, so that people can get to know the life of a sled dog.
Care for dogs and their feeding
The dogs live outdoors through the year, usually two dogs per cage. Every dog has its own dog house, but often dogs live in the same cage as well as sleep in the same house. The cages are partly roofed, so that in the summertime, the dogs can either stay in the shade or bask in the sun. The kennel is cleaned every day. Semi-annual worm treatment is also a part of a sled dog’s life. In addition, a veterinarian checks a well-being of the dogs on a regular basis and gives all the necessary vaccinations.
Summer feeding: The dogs are fed once a day, usually in the afternoon. In the summertime, they get high-quality dry food and a daily supply of fresh, cold water. The water in the drinking containers is changed regularly and bowls themselves are washed thoroughly and often in order to prevent any slime build-up.
Winter feeding: Every morning a few hours before the first safari of the day, the dogs get a meaty drink; plain water is not in their taste, but it has to have some flavor too. Between safaris and during longer ones the dogs get small snacks, so that they have enough energy for the entire work day. In the winter, the dogs also eat snow, which ensures that they get enough water. After the work day, the dogs are fed with dry food that is dissolved into water, mixed with plenty of raw, fatty meat.





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